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Nice living in an affordable house

Housing is a fundamental right for every person. At the moment too many people have to wait too long for a house. The Labour Party stands for neighborhoods in which everyone – from young to old, poor to rich – can have a house and home.

What we want is that:

  • New construction projects consist of at least 30% public housing.
  • Buyers must live in their bought house.
  • Leidschendam-Voorburg cooperates as much as possible with The Hague to meet regional housing demand.
  • Suitable housing for the elderly and young people and for people with disabilities.


Liveable neighborhoods 

Nice living doesn’t just happen out of the blue. That is why we want to draw up a quality of life plan for each neighbourhood. All neighborhoods are covered, but Leidschendam-Noord and Damcentrum have priority. Housing, green outdoor space, public transport, waste removal and nice amenities in the neighborhood, such as playgrounds, sports fields and places to meet. Nice living for everyone.

The approach in Leidschendam-Noord is a good example of this. “Sterk voor Noord” will therefore remain a top priority for the next twenty years. Dam-Centrum must also become more liveable: this includes car-free streets, limiting car traffic and more space for bicycles and public transport. We also tackle nuisance such as dumping bulky waste in the street and incorrect parking.


Livelihood security through fair work, social services and education

Work is a basis for certainty, meaning and perspective. For the Labour Party it is always about fair work with fair wages. In particular, we focus on young people by promoting a better connection between education and the labour market. We increase good cooperation with schools and (internship) companies. For the very youngest, we are expanding the Ooievaarspas with free toddler care and pre-school education.

It is important that the municipality continues to organize sufficient social work through the Binnenbaan. And if work fails, the government provides a guarantee of livelihood. We trust in people. The “fraud check” in our municipality is an insult and must be stopped. The starting point must be that people act in good faith! We also invite all benefit recipients for a discussion about their future. Together we try to identify possible debt problems in an accessible way.



Care and well-being, close by and trusted

The Labour Party in Leidschendam-Voorburg wants a strong social base for everyone. We do this by providing good education, facilities for sports and culture that are accessible to everyone, and all this in a pleasant living environment.

In addition, we are working on forms of help and support that are available to all residents of Leidschendam-Voorburg. Especially for people who need a little more guidance. In recent years, the Labour Party has campaigned for accessible and affordable care, close to home for our residents. The Labour Party will continue to do this in the coming period. For individual help, we have facilities that match the personal situation of a person or family.


Engaged citizens

Everything we do, we do together! People know their own neighborhood like no other, so they also know what the neighborhood needs. That is why politicians must be and remain aware of the ideas of the inhabitants. Involving residents should be the norm and not the exception. Among other things, with a new citizens’ panel that, on the basis of drawing lots, can give solicited and unsolicited advice to civil servants, the municipal executive and the council. The municipality will then have to make its decision-making as transparent as possible.


Cohesive policy for children and the elderly

At the Labour Party, the people of Leidschendam-Voorburg are central, and not the “boxes” that a municipality sometimes invents.

  • Children are the future. But kids still don’t always have the same opportunities or the same outlook. The Labour Party wants to do something about it. By making fair and just choices. Not only a good home is important for good development, but also a pleasant living environment, sufficient school and childcare facilities, language lessons, stable social contacts and customized care.
  • Many elderly people live in our municipality. And this number will only grow in the coming years. The Labour Party is committed to making the municipality senior-friendly. Build on the foundation that we have already laid in recent years, by paying attention to loneliness, accessible sidewalks and sufficient care close to home, for example while maintaining a general practitioner in the municipality.